Living Sacrifice

So what exactly does it mean to give your body as a living sacrifice?

A dictionary definition of sacrifice says: The surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher claim.

I think this definition comes close to what Paul had in mind. A living sacrifice would require surrender; surrender of something we all prize—our bodies—for something that has a higher purpose—worshiping the God of all creation, who has given us this life to begin with. 

The idea of surrender got me thinking about strength and where it comes from. Strength is often portrayed as something stern, hard and unmovable. It represents power and the ability to conquer anything.

So where does real strength come from? As I contemplated this question I thought about the streets of NY in the dead of winter. When the winter freezes everything over, they put down salt to clear the snow, killing as many plants as they can in the process. Yet as one walks the streets one can see little flowers bursting their way through the concrete. Completely shattering the stone.

This little flower is delicate, beautiful and fragile. You could reach down and pluck it right from the ground. But it can shatter through concrete. But how?

The flower was growing. Despite the winter and the salt and all the obstacles in its way, it chose to grow and it shattered the stone in the process.

This is where real strength comes from. From growth. This is what Paul is trying to tell us! We can choose to power through our struggle and engage in a tiring battle that might end in our defeat. Or, we can surrender our body, Bow to our obstacles. Thank them. And grow stronger.

Surrender is not giving up. It is the acceptance that we need to grow. Our acceptance is a key ingredient in our ability to create profound, positive change in our life. But before we can start growing and changing, we must first accept things for what they are and acknowledge that where we are is exactly where we are supposed to be.

As we start to face obstacles in our life it is important to remember to surrender to the moment. To do what we can, with what you have, where we are. This is the starting point for growth and growth is the core of our strength. Take challenges as they come and take comfort in the fact that you have the the power to accept, surrender and grow strong.

I love love you guy!!

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