Resist Nothing. Accept Everything?

Resisting things keep us from an experience. Of course, we may wish to resist certain calamity, proven bad acts, things we know are not anything we wish to do. But that really is not resistance, that is good choice based on what we have already experienced. Resistance takes as much energy as acceptance. Resistance is the negative side of the energy continuum.

Acceptance is that state where we are at peace with what is now, what is real. I accept at this moment I am alive. I accept my age, my beliefs, my values. I accept my known flaws, quirks and defects. I accept them all, until I am ready to let go of them, because I wish to feel complete at any time. If I accept everything as it appears to me, I then have a better chance of choosing.

Choosing is liberation from false beliefs, what we make up about what is unknown. Choosing is freedom based on our knowledge of the Father’s nature and our life experience.

To accept everything is living powerfully and with purpose. Resistance is a force that keeps us from something. Acceptance opens the door to anything and everything. Accepting what we truly know or believe at any given moment, is simply an awareness of the now, allowing us to make any changes we wish.

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